Gift Guide: One universal truth about holiday gift shopping: it easily gets us thinking about the things we want for ourselves. Call it research, or window-shopping, right now the stores are filled to the brim with magical gadgets, big and small.

“Holiday hustle and bustle is always tempting, but with a new year around the corner it’s also a great incentive to get up-to-speed on the latest in technology,” says Frank Lee at LG Electronics, a leading name in this field. “Advancements in smartphones and home entertainment are intriguing. For example, the latest combination – of an Internet-enabled television with lifelike 3D capabilities – is cutting edge. Take a look at the theatre-like experiences of our Cinema 3D Smart TV.”

Smart Televisions

Lee says this television makes it easy to connect to Netflix, YouTube and to your favourite apps, movies, music, games, and the web from the comfort of your arm chair—and the Magic Remote allows you to control all this content with simple hand gestures. Wirelessly, you can share content from your smartphone, laptop, and tablet and view it on this big TV screen.

“In addition to being Wi-Fi enabled,” he continued, “the high definition capability delivers razor-sharp, lifelike clarity for both HD television shows and for 3D programming with battery-free, specialized glasses. The latest 55″ Cinema 3D Smart TV models are designed with an ultra-thin bezel to give the effect of the picture “floating” on the wall.”

Upgrade your TV

To make any TV a smart TV, a device called the Smart TV Upgrader will connect to your television and give you instant access to online content and to a wide range of entertainment and game applications. Just check to make sure your TV has an HDMI connection (which most televisions purchased in the past few years do) and simply plug it in for instant access.

Intuitive phones

In 2013, all eyes will be on Android smartphones, already a world-dominant operating system with the ability to provide more than 500,000 games and apps for downloads.

“LG touchscreens are superb for easy navigation, intuitive function and for total customization,” Lee explained. “Take a look at the high-performance Optimus G. It has a stunning HD screen with crisp, true-to-life colours and a best-in-class quad-core processor for blazing-fast browsing and gaming, as well as superior battery life. It’s the most powerful smartphone yet and has an 8 megapixel camera.”

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