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Should I Paint or Replace my Aluminum Siding?

Is your aluminum siding looking a little worse for wear? Denting, discoloration, chalking, and many other degrees of tarnishing are, in fact, completely normal. According to the experts at Spray-Net, these aging imperfections can be remedied – so long as you know the right methods to use and when to use them!

When should you paint rather than replace?

There are many benefits to leaving your siding as is, one obvious reason pertaining to cost. Did you know that aluminum has insulating properties, which, in siding form, can mean keeping your entire home cooler in the summertime and warmer come winter? Aluminum is also waterproof, and is fire-, insect-, rot-, and rust-resistant (so long as it is attached properly to your house). If your major qualms with your siding involve discoloration, dirtiness, chalking, or a worn down factory finish, painting your aluminum siding it is likely the smartest way to preserve it. Spray-Net uses their own engineered exterior paint for siding which makes it possible to renew aluminum even after decades of fading! In as little as one day, they can completely revamp your siding’s weathered appearance with a rock-solid, factory finish that actually increases the durability of your siding as well! 

All Photos and Transformations Courtesy of Spray-Net

When should you replace not paint?

On the flip side, there are cases where a paint job simply won’t cut it. For instance, if your siding has been affected by heavy denting, perforation, or excessive oxidization. Of course, if you have any question about the structural integrity of your siding, consult an expert before taking any measures to revive the look of it, as it may have an increased susceptibility to rust. Lastly, if you’ve already painted over the factory finish, a second paint job may not work as well without a comprehensive stripping of the existing paint, which may end up being a larger project than originally anticipated. 

When should you paint and replace?

There is one final option available out there, for siding that’s not in the best shape, but not in the worst either. If you’re finding that damage is concentrated on certain planks, consider replacing just those, and painting the rest as-needed. 



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