Text by Reena Nerbas

Life just got better. Most of us have heard of siding but have you ever heard of seamless steel siding? With technology constantly moving forward, it is difficult to keep up with new products on the market. Even products that have been out there for awhile may seen common to some and new to others.

Seamless steel siding is a form of exterior finish that is a continuous material as opposed to standard siding, which is generally purchased, in 10-12-foot lengths. The building is wrapped in a high quality product and as an end result no joints exist. When people think of steel they think of agricultural and commercial metals which are also available. Seamless siding is comprised of a steel core that is layered with several coatings and finished with a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coating. This siding is 8 times thicker than coatings found on other metal sidings.

The benefits of seamless siding are many, number one being that the final product provides the owner with a clean look. Without seams there is no place for dirt, moisture and bugs to become trapped. Also, no drafts occur between the joints because an airtight seal is created which helps to cut down on heating bills.

Canada’s extreme temperatures make this a great place to test the material for durability and with a 50-year warranty; one might think that the company may have put themselves in a risky position. Not so, to date there has not been a single claim on warranty. Seamless siding resists cracking, rusting, peeling and chipping and will not sag or ripple. There is minimal expansion and contraction and the product is non-flammable. The siding comes with a wood grain embossing, which adds strength to the finish. It has a proven corrosion resistance and is virtually maintenance free.

In order to clean seamless siding hose it down with the garden hose or pressure washer. No sanding or painting required.

Make the choice that is best for you, but take your time, steel siding comes in a choice of over 24 different colours and over 20 different profiles. In fact if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a log cabin but did not want to invest hours of work maintaining the finish, consider seamless log siding that carries a wood finish making you feel like you are down at the lake all year round. What will they think of next?

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