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Six Tips to Organize Your Closets


1. Declutter – give away / get rid of clothes you don’t wear. Rule – if you haven’t worn the article of clothing in the last two seasons then its time to say goodbye to it.

2. Store your most used items in plain sight, less used below and least used up high. If you have ample closet space throughout the home then rotate your clothing for the various seasons. Out-of-season clothing should be boxed up or stored in storage closets.

3. Use coordinated hangers for a clean look. Ensure they are the same size and color. Folded articles of clothing should be stored in drawers, or neatly on shelves. Box up smaller clothing pieces and odd shapes items.

4. Use boxes, cubbies and shelving units to organize and sort shoes, boots, purses, belts and ties. Hooks work well.

5. Treat your closet as if it were a small room. Ensure proper lighting is in place.

6. Colour coordinating your wardrobe allows you to find things easier and it looks fabulous

Note: Also ensure your storage solutions are nice looking and in good shape as this will make you want to keep things organized.


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