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Space Saving Solutions for Dining Areas

Dining Room Space Saving

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Use A Fold Away Table

Foldaway tables are a great option because they can be stored against a wall until they are needed. The best ones are ones where both sides flip out so you can adjust how big the table will be to how many people need to sit around it. And when not in use, you can use one as a side table or shelf.

Have A Multipurpose Dining Area

If you work from home or just need a space where you can get work done while at home, you can use your dining area as an office space. Then when the dining table is in use, just store computers and files in a different room. This way, the area isn’t  exclusively a dining room and you will save yourself the trouble of setting up a desk elsewhere in your house or flat, especially if you haven’t got the space.

Compromise on Other Spaces

If your home has a large enough kitchen large enough, why not put a table in there and turn it into a kitchen/dining area? Or is there another space you could give up or relocate in order to put a dining area there, perhaps by shifting furniture more closely together in your living room to clear a corner for a dining table? Sometimes a compromise is needed to create your dream space.

Shape Shifters

When is a table not a table? When it can shape shift into something else.  You can get a dining table that stacks together in a cube for easy storage and can be pulled apart to seat up to four people..  Or you can get a dining table shaped like a sphere: one minute, it’s a sphere; the next it’s a full dining table with six chairs and an illuminated canopy. It’s like a Transformer in table form– what could be cooler?

Get A Round Dining Table

These are smaller than a rectangular or square dining table, but are still a traditional dining table style and can accommodate a fair few diners. If you’d like a classier look for your dining space, you could get a round oak dining table instead of a cheaper plastic one, so even your smaller dining area can still look chic and elegant.  .

What do you think? Have any of these tips helped? Do you own a home with a small dining area and have your own space-saving tips to share?


Rebecca Pearson is a writer that loves to help people, which is why she blogs to share ideas that may help whoever reads it. She writes for Oak Furniture Superstore.
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