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Five Cheap Ways to Update Your Home

5 cheap ways to update your home

Buy Used Furniture

We all know how important furniture is to home decoration. It fills up empty space; adds colour to the ambiance and serves as a relaxation spot for visitors and guests. It’s always good to freshen up your furniture every now and again to give your home a new lease of life but that costs money. So what do you do? Buy used furniture. Some used furniture is not actually that “used”. You can find great pieces of used furniture at online auctions or antique shops that look as good as new.  Alternatively, you can refurbish your old furniture by changing the covers. Make sure you check for quality before you buy any piece of used furniture.


Painting your home is a good way to create that sense of newness and freshness in your mind. A new coat of paint in your home will reignite it and illuminate each room. However you need to be selective about the colours you want to use for each room. A good way to avoid colour selection confusion is to make use of a colour wheel with all the possible perfect color combinations. Stick to a colour coordination that will blend the tones and tints perfectly. If you don’t have the money to paint the whole house just paint your door. First impression always last even if the change doesn’t continue inside.

Use Plants

More than anything, nature has a way of uplifting the internal environment and it adds some natural colours to the room. Plants can be added to any part of your home as long as they’ll be able to get some sunlight. Most people prefer them close to the windows but don’t be afraid to experiment with other areas or corners of the home that could benefit from them. Select appropriate colours and designs for the plant vases and you can add them either in singles or groups.


Pictures can speak a thousand words and if you want your home to speak volumes with less cash then don’t underestimate the value of images. Add some pictures with frames on empty tables and hang some up on the walls to give them a bit more character. The arrangement is paramount so ensure that you place the pictures in a coherent pattern.

Light Up

Transforming your entire home into a glowing and modern looking space is as easy as changing the light fixtures. To make things even easier and less expensive, you can purchase light fixtures at DIY stores with hundreds of affordable, stylish and modern variations. Lights can be used to add more brightness or reduce it, whatever your intentions might be. Just make sure you read the electricity safety tips before you get started.

Danielle Caldwell visited Homestyle Heaven to find the perfect kitchen and bathroom designs at low costs to give her home the revamp it needed.

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