NOTHING BEATS QUALITY TIME WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY, and what better setting is there than one with roaring heat, crackling fire, and dancing flames? Now that cottage season is upon us, it is time to gather your loved ones and rediscover the use of fire for warmth, cooking, and connection around an Iron Embers fire pit. With seven unique models of varying sizes, and accessories, there is no shortage of ways to upgrade your fireside experience. 

THE PYRAMID is a full-sized outdoor fireplace that brings a powerful presence to your outdoor living space. This commanding outdoor fireplace delivers a self-contained fireside experience, constructed with stainless steel mesh secured to 1/4” thick steel framing. The Pyramid features a full side door on self-lubricated hinges. The door handle is a stainless-steel spring handle, which dissipates the heat and allows you to tend the fire safely. The open design allows for a magnificent view of the fire. The Iron Embers Pyramid is a patio showpiece, and it is sure to provide a wow factor for years to come! 

THE OCTAGONAL COTTAGER is Iron Embers’ most popular model, and it comes packed with useful features. The main characteristic of the Cottager is its double rod ring along the top surface. The inner ring provides a cooking surface for pans, while the outer rod ring makes for an excellent footrest. The outer ring also stays cool throughout your fire creating a safety barrier which makes this unit ideal for families with pets and small children (or clumsy adults!) The Cottager comes standard with a grilling adaptor making it ideal for wood-fired cooking with the Iron Embers grilling attachments. The large, flat side panels provide a fantastic canvas for custom text or graphic cut outs in the steel, which allows you to create a truly unique focal point. www, 

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