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Staging Advice with Tina Marie Singh

When getting your home ready for the market you should always think about color. Color plays an important role in attracting the right buyers. Your home should feel cozy, relaxing and peaceful.

The first and most important step is to take your personality out of your home. Buyers need to see it as their home and not your home.

To do this, avoid strong wall colors. Start with a neutral canvas by painting the walls a light color and let the accessories be the pop of color.

When styling, it’s great to use a little black in a space, this color grounds everything and pulls all the elements together.

Apply complementary colors in unequal amounts. Stick with the 80-20 rule, 80% of the space being a predominantly neutral color and 20% of the space being with a pop of color.

Be sure to keep the main elements of the home quite neutral that being tile, counter tops and cabinetry. Not a lot of buyers would like a red kitchen.

Furnishings should also be neutral in color and preferably a solid color like brown, cream, white or gray. It gives a fresh, updated look to your home. If you have busy floral furniture or heavily patterned bedding it’s best to swap it out with updated solid neutral pieces.

By following these few tips your home will showcase better and will attract more buyers.


Text by Tina Marie Singh

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