This was a fun project to do as we love creating spaces for the three kids that are an expression of their personality and flow with the house. Kids’ rooms can become an afterthought but they offer the opportunity to play with different colors and décor elements outside your regular comfort zone. When remodeling this 20 year old house, we created a clean, modern look with mid-century elements. We dressed up the bedroom walls with molding detail which gave more character to the rooms.

In the eldest girl’s bedroom, we created a Parisian style space with a black and white motif with a splash of a deep green. We repurpose 20 year old sconces that were in the living room originally. She loved them so we found a home for them in her bedroom.

The middle girl wanted a cozy yet trendy room with an Earthy Chic style. To create her desired look, we used a softer palette of whites and earthy tones complemented by plants. We added a cozy corner with a neon sign and a furry bean bag.

In the boy’s room, we did a little different detail on the walls which gave us the opportunity to add a beautiful and versatile deep green, that works now for a 9 year old as much as it can work for a teenager or for any age really! In his bedroom we incorporated a red desk chair that made the room more playful and some items a little more industrial like the ceiling lights and shelves for displaying his toys. The result was a look that feels like the perfect balance between both soft and modern.

Andrea Burgos,

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