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Frostsafe Freezer Drawers Airtight removable freezer
drawers protect frozen food from unwanted air exchange
and chilled air loss even when the door is opened. They are
generously deep and transparent, providing an optimum
view of what’s stored within.

BioFresh – Plus Featuring 3 drawers with independent
climate controls so you can create a high humidity
HydroSafe environment for fruits and veggies in one draw-
er, a low humidity DrySafe for meats and cheeses, etc.
Temperatures as low as 28°F are ideal for preserving fresh
fish and seafood.


Arriving Fall 2021 The new Monolith Bottom Freezer
Refrigerator in 30” and 36” will be available fully
integrated, with panel-ready and stainless steel door
options to customize to your liking. All Liebherr columns
refrigerators are the perfect combination between
impressive design and food preservation technology.

AEG’s 30” Multifunction Oven features multiple racks for expanded capacity and 11 different cooking functions including Steam Assist cooking, True Fan Convection to help eliminate flavor transfer, high/low bake, pizza mode and defrost.

Pyrolytic Cleaning This Porter & Charles oven with pyrolytic cleaning function will make cleaning your oven easier.
Pyrolytic ovens tackle the grime in a different way: they burn it with fire. More specifically, the oven heats up to about 400 to 500 degrees Celsius, heating the baked-on bits until they carbonise and turn to ash, always keeping your oven thoroughly clean.


Wine has found the perfect home with Liebherr. Liebherr has expanded the prestigious Monolith Column Collection to
include 18” and 24” wine columns. With elegant stainless steel interiors and the ability to add customized labeling, Monolith Wine Columns serve up a timeless design while boasting innovative features including InfinitySwipe, which allows you to effortlessly control up to three temperature zones on a single 3.5-inch touchscreen and InfinityLight, which casts an even glow to better showcase your complete wine collection.

Euro-Line Appliances,

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