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In the realm of interior design, white has always been a mainstay. White is a charming understatement and the quintessential neutral, evoking serenity and offsetting the chaos of daily life. In the new year, designers will continue to embrace white as a nod to psychological wellness.



When it comes to texture, we’re well beyond the visual lackluster of flat cotton. This year, we will see an emphasis on interesting textiles and plenty of them, creating rooms that read like an inspiration board of all of your favorite textiles. Textiles that have metallic properties will be big this year, juxtaposed against earthier textiles, such as linen and fur.


Digital blur

The emergence of the 3D printer was a major game-changer in the synthetic textile industry. The ability to create something out of nothing was not only revolutionary, but it created a mesh-point between two worlds that lacked physical ties: the physical and the digital. In 2017, we’ll see a shift towards textiles emblematic of all-things-virtual, including high contrast color spectrums, fluorescents and electric shades, and kaleidoscope patterns.


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