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The `dos and don’ts` of home renovation

(NC)—When you’re eager to get caught up on home repairs, it’s easy to overlook the basics that contribute to a successful renovation. To prevent mistakes, wasting money or causing harm to yourself or others, it’s important to recognize what tools and knowledge you can bring to home projects before you begin.

Don’t: Start a project without a plan in place. It’s important to have a vision of the finished result in mind and a map of how to achieve your end goal. Skipping over the planning stage can have disastrous results.

Do: Recognize your own capabilities and weaknesses. Consult a professional before beginning serious home repairs, such as electrical work and roofing. It’s worth getting a second opinion, or if you’re not comfortable, hiring someone.

Don’t: Use cheap materials. Ask questions about the products you buy to ensure they are right for the project at hand and will last.

Do: When taking on a large home improvement, such as installing insulation, it’s important to use a quality product like Icynene to add to the value of your home and prevent future issues.

Don’t: Throw away money on unnecessary materials and fixtures. With a bit of research beforehand, you can save money by purchasing the exact amount of materials you need to complete your project.

Do: Take advantage of government grants. The Government of Canada has renewed the ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program. From June 6, 2011, to March 31, 2012, homeowners investing in energy-efficient upgrades are eligible to receive grants of up to $5,000.

Don’t: Get in over your head. Small projects can quickly become big projects when you take the wrong approach.

Do: Keep on track by sticking to a planned budget, hiring a contractor when needed and never leaving a repair job unfinished.

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