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Three ways landscaping boosts the value of your home

(NC)—A well–landscaped yard can provide a lot more than good looks. Landscaping can also increase property value, offer home–energy savings and provide privacy and home security.

“We’ve all seen how a good first impression can move a buyer to take a closer look and be more willing to overlook shortcomings a property may have,” say Carlo Racioppo, broker/owner at Royal LePage Realty Plus. “However, landscaping goes beyond curb appeal and offers some added benefits as well.”

Property value: In contrast to many home improvements, the value of an investment in landscape improvement increases over time, since the growth and maturity of trees and shrubs continues to enhance aesthetic appeal. The value of an attractive landscape to the selling price of a home is often cited at between 10 and 12 per cent. However, a 2009 Virginia State University study concluded that design sophistication was the highest ranked factor to add perceived value of a home, followed by plant size. Thus, securing the services of a landscape design professional could optimize your return on investment.

Energy savings: Strategic placement of trees around your home can significantly reduce monthly utility bills. Deciduous trees, when placed to shade windows that receive a lot of sunshine, can lower energy bills with a lower draw on air conditioning. Since deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter, the sun can shine in during the cooler months, serving to warm the house. To save on heating bills in winter, a thick evergreen hedge can block cold winds from robbing a house of heat.

Privacy and security: A thorny hedge at key points around a property provides a good deterrent to intruders. Prickly shrubs around windows can also ward off burglars, but be sure to trim back regularly since shrubs that have grown too tall can have the opposite effect. Trees and shrubs also serve to provide privacy in a yard and to block unwanted views outside your property.

More information on ways to boost the resale value of your home are available online at www.royallepage.ca.


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