Inspired by a love of entertaining and the amazing view of the ocean, this kitchen was designed for a semi-retired couple who had spent the past seven years in search of the perfect home in their ideal neighborhood! They wanted a fresh look for this kitchen that reflected their love for the outdoors. It was important that the kitchen wasn’t white, offered plenty of storage solutions and functioned well both for the two of them and as a space for entertaining.

Inspired by the view, a beautiful gray-blue color was selected for the cabinets. The color adds a sense of calm to the space while still allowing the space to feel bright! Natural materials like stunning leatherized quartzite countertops and white oak accents bring in that earthy feel as well. The stunning counters were certainly a splurge but they make a huge impact and are definitely worth it. The homeowners were originally thinking of going with marble, but quartzite is a stronger material, which was better in the long run.

The couple wanted to use the space for entertaining so it was important to have a large island with a prep sink and seating. It was also important to ensure the space was properly utilized to allow for the most amount of proper storage solutions. Drawers with built-in storage (like a spice drawer) and 2 pull-out drawers on either side of the cooktop for utensils add additional functionality to the kitchen. When planning a kitchen renovation, take inventory of everything being stored in the kitchen so you can design from a practical standpoint. That way, you’ll know that everything has a home. Think about how you will be using the space and then design a kitchen that accommodates your needs.

Space Designed by Maria DeCotiis,
Photography Tina Kulic, Ema Peter Photo,

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