Finance Cost Savings Production time of 2-4 months compared to 12-15 months for traditional builds means reduced finance costing. 

Prefab Construction Buildings are built 80-95% in a climate controlled shop resulting in increased efficiencies, less waste and costs.

Metal Construction Containers meet and surpass building codes and are superior to wood framing. They are rugged and are ideal in harsh climates and rough terrain.

Comfort Benefits Containers are spray foam insulated, therefore are much easier to heat and cool and better at keeping drafts and bugs out.

Green Benefits Containers can be equipped with energy efficient heating, cooling, lighting, solar and smart technologies to reduce energy use, creating net zero homes.

Reduced Impact on Neighbors Building is installed in 1-2 days and finishing trades complete their work withing 1-3 weeks (versus 12-15 months for traditional builds).


Multiple townships are now allowing laneway houses & garden suites, permitting qualified properties to build a second smaller dwelling on the same property. The second residence ties into the existing main dwellings services and the new build cannot be severed. This is ideal for multi-generational families to share one property or to add an income property to your existing home. 

Container Homes & Cottages are modified shipping containers that are finished to act as modern, efficient residential buildings. Container homes can range from a single container or multiple containers can be combined to create full scale larger homes & cottages. Container homes are extremely durable & sustainable, offering superior structural strength that makes them ideal homes for rugged landscapes or harsh weather & climates. Container homes are prefabricated to municipal building codes using the same finishes as traditional homes – including spray foam insulation, electrical / plumbing / HVAC, windows & doors, drywall and exterior cladding. –

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