(NC)—For kids, Halloween is a magical day when they can play make believe and pretend to be whatever their imagination desires. And while everyone knows it’s the same day every year, October 31st can often creep up on us. From rushing out to buy candy last minute to pulling together a great costume, the preparation can be a lot to take on in a short period of time. Keep the following easy tips in mind as you get ready, and make it a stress-free fright night:

• Buy your candy early. Halloween candy is available as early as August, so rather than run the risk of missing out, pick up a box or two when you see them to avoid a panicked rush on the 31st. Bonus: treat yourself a little in the weeks leading up to the big day.

• Choose crowd-pleasing treats. Mix it up with your own favourites, especially treats that are made in a peanut free facility. Nestlé is making this easier to do this year. Their program, “Paint The Town Red” lets children and parents know that the treats handed out are made in a peanut-free facility. To get involved, look for the iconic red Nestlé Assorted box, filled with snack size Kit Kat, Aero, Smarties and Coffee Crisp bars. Place the box where it is visible to trick-or-treaters so they can recognize that you are handing out treats made in a peanut-free facility. You can even get your whole neighbourhood involved with the program. Visit YummyMummyClub.ca and if you make a pledge to provide treats made in a peanut-free facility, your name will be entered into a contest to win a supply of Nestlé Assorted for your entire street – up to 50 households.

• Make decorating simple. While putting on a full haunted house can make your home the most exciting on the block, just a few little touches will get the neighbourhood kids excited. These ideas are so simple to do, it’s scary. For a quick twist on a classic, turn your jack-o-lantern on its side and use the stalk as a pointy nose. Use empty plastic milk jugs as lanterns by drawing scary faces on them with indelible marker, cutting out the top and illuminating with a tea light. Or, repurpose old yard signs by covering them with cardboard panels and writing phrases like “Dead End” and “Beware” on them.

• Research Halloween costumes well in advance. Halloween costumes are now available all year round, so get online and start searching before the most popular sizes go. From Spiderman to Harry Potter, you can find a wide range of affordable and popular costume options that your kids will love.


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