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If you’re not quite sure what to gift dad for Father’s Day, why not give him the gift of peace, quiet, and privacy? A dad cave delivers all of this and more. If you’re not sure what a dad cave entails, keep reading for four ideas and tips for designing the ultimate modern dad cave just in time for Father’s Day.

Make It Comfort-Centric

While other rooms in the home might be decor-focused, dad’s cave should be focused on comfortability. This means more than a comfy armchair or two. If the dad cave is somewhere that’s notorious for being cold or drafty (for instance, the basement or garage), make sure to include details and accessories such as thick window treatments, blankets and throws, and a programmable thermostat.

Consider His Interests

As much as this space should geared at comfort, it should also be geared at dad’s particular interests. If he loves his tech, consider installing an entertainment system. If he likes to read, give him a library wall or walls. If he love to work out, you’ll want to map out space for exercise equipment. 

Adults Only 

Speaking of dad’s interests, if dad loves games of any kind, his cave could turn into something of an extended playroom, which might end up being enticing for the kids in your home. This works if dad doesn’t mind sharing. If he’d rather have the space to himself, you can incorporate some adult-only elements, such as a designated poker table or bar cart.

Make it Masculine

 In addition to incorporating his interests and plenty of adult-only elements, ensure your dad cave is fit-for-a-boy by incorporating masculine materials and finishes. Think: leather, suede, brick, and wood.

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