In recent years it has become increasingly popular to expand the home upward as a relatively inexpensive means of extending the living space available. Loft conversations make good use of space that already exists in most homes, removing the need for costly structural extensions.

However, there are some difficulties that a loft conversation presents. First and foremost of these is decorating the new space, as loft conversations tend to be somewhat unconventional in their shape layout. Nevertheless, with adequate forethought a loft conversation can be made both practical and attractive.

Make good use of the available space

With a loft conversion it is important to tailor the design of the room to the shape and proportions of the space that is available, rather than to design a room independently and then try to force the design upon the available space.

In the majority of lofts some areas of the loft space will feature a higher ceiling height than others. It would make sense therefore to use the highest points as the central focus of the room, likely to be where access will be needed. The lowest points on the other hand could be used for storage.

Ensure adequate lighting

Lighting can be a difficult proposition in a loft conversion as by definition lofts tend to be poorly lit. If funds allow the installation of a skylight or two is by far the best option as this will provide the room with ample natural light. A skylight can be complemented nicely by made to measure blinds.

If, however, installation of a skylight is not a practical option, giving adequate attention to the lighting of the room is important. If the loft conversation is to be made into a bedroom, the use of many different lights can be effective, particularly table lamps and up lighters. A variety of lighting can be used to create a warm, cosy effect that reaches all corners of the room without being overbearing.

Choose decoration appropriate to the room

With limited space available cramming the room with numerous items of furniture would not only be impractical in terms of freedom of movement but it would also create a congested appearance. Moreover, it is important to choose items for furniture correctly proportioned for the room. Often a single bed will be more appropriate than a double bed and smaller tables more appropriate than larger equivalents.

The same is true when it comes to wall decoration. Often made to measure blinds will make better use of the space available than curtains. Moreover, it is good to avoid trying to fit in numerous different types of decoration. It would be much better, for example, to use the same wallpaper throughout the walls and ceiling.

It is true that decorating a loft conversion does present a number of challenges due to the shape and size of the available space. However, by giving proper consideration to the proportions of the room it can be made to be both practical and attractive.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Moonshadow Blinds who supply great made to measure blinds and blackout roller blinds for your loft conversion.

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