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Tips for Having a Vegan-friendly Thanksgiving

So you had a vegan-friendly Easter – next up on the docket: a vegan-friendly Thanksgiving. Keep reading for four ideas on how to merge the spirit of the holidays with the spirit of veganism.  


Offer to Host 

Of course, short of calling ahead and making special requests, you can’t really control the menu if you’re planning to attend someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner – that in itself could be reason enough to offer to host. Alternatively, if you’re not hosting, check with your host and plan ahead to bring a vegan dish to share. This way you can account for your own meal, not to mention share your love of vegan foods with friends and family.  



Being vegan or having vegan guests doesn’t necessarily mean your soirée has to be a turkey-free affair. Many tofu-turkeys are tasty enough to fool even the most dedicated meat-eater; just be prepared to splurge, because the taste will often reflect how much you’re willing to spend. 


Or Craft a Veggie Turkey 

Pay homage to the traditional turkey feast with a cute idea like this turkey vegetable tray, courtesy of Living Locurto. 


Consider Your Drink and Dessert Menu 

Contrary to common belief, the question of “is this vegan-friendly” should extend to drinks and dessert in addition to food. Many beers and wines are, in fact, not vegan – the same goes for desserts – so ensure you are doing your research and providing vegan-friendly alternatives to those Thanksgiving dinner staples.  

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