Life is busy, and it just keeps getting busier. For many of us, our backyards offer an opportunity to relax, unwind and recover after a busy day or busy week. If you’re like a lot of homeowners, the last thing you want is to have to spend your whole weekend maintaining your outdoor living spaces! We asked our landscape design expert, Janet Ennamorato of Creative Garden Designs to share some of her favorite tips to help you create a low maintenance landscaping plan that you will actually have time to relax and enjoy!

Select Plants with Care

Your Landscape Designer will be able to help you select plants that will require minimal maintenance. This may include drought-tolerant plants that require less water, disease-resistant plants, or slow growing plants that will need little or no pruning. Native plants which are known to grown well without extra care are often the best choice. Using shredded mulch over all the gardens will also help minimize weed development and retain moisture in the soil so you do not need to water or weed as often.

Consider Zero-scaping

If you like a more modern look, you may want to try zero-scaping. Zero-scaping refers to creating low maintenance landscaping that includes little or no plants. Much of the landscaping is made up of rocks, gravel, mulch and other landscaping elements. Because there are no, or nearly no, plants to water or weed, zero-scaping is very low maintenance.

Invest in an Irrigation System

Another great way to cut down on maintenance is to have an irrigation system installed. Your Landscape Designer can help plan out an irrigation system customized to the specific needs of your garden, your plant selections and your lifestyle. This can all but eliminate the need to spend time watering!

low maintenance landscaping

Reduce Lawn Space

Keeping  an immaculate lawn is definitely a high maintenance endeavor.  So, reducing or eliminating lawn space is a practical way to reduce your garden maintenance! Low maintenance ground covers adjacent to lawn areas can provide the look of a lush green space without as much lawn. If you prefer to have some lawn space, try to design your landscaping to leave the lawn area as unobstructed as possible. The less time you have to spend trimming around decorative features, trees or the like in your lawn area, the better.

Ask About Fusion Landscaping

Fusion gardening is an innovative approach that brings together traditional design with contemporary, eco-friendly plants to create a landscaping plan that is easy to maintain, affordable and water preserving. Part of fusion landscaping involves managing storm run-off to preserve water. This also helps prevent damage caused by heavy rain falls.

Use Quality Materials and Professional Services

Structures within your low maintenance landscaping plan are the other aspect that can affect maintenance. This includes things like decks, patios and walkways. It is important to have these professionally installed so they will stand the test of time, direct run-off appropriately, and need less ongoing repair. It is also important to ensure your deck builder and Landscape Designer use the best materials for holding up against  seasonal wear and tear. This may include composite or PVC for decking and high quality natural stone and color fast, quality concrete pavers from trusted suppliers.

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