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Trends To Watch: Small Space Trends

Home Trends’ Style Editor Jo Alcorn shares her favorite small space trends for the Condo & New Builds Issue of Canadian Home Trends Magazine (Feb 2018).

small space trends small space trends

Small Space Trends: Spare Room

This Murphy Bed doubles as a sofa and storage space to make your room feel comfortable. This truly is a must-have multifunctional piece for any small space or condo. (Source:Resource Furniture)


Coffee Table

This coffee table has a movable top that can also be used for eating or working on. Plus, it gives you extra hidden storage.  (Source: West Elm)

small space trends


A sleek office wall desk takes up minimal room and gives you extra storage. (Source: CB2)

small space trends


These easy to move stools are great for extra seating when needed, and they can also function as a side table or coffee table. (Source: Jo Alcorn)



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Canadian Home Trends' Style Editor, Jo Alcorn, Principle Designer and Founder of Alcorn Home. Jo has over 15 years experiences as a celebrity interior and home product designer, expert instructor, corporate ambassador, TV personality and a strong female entrepreneur, Jo has created a fabulous fan following. To add to credentials, she is a style editor & writer for multiple publications and blogs, a public speaker, and an avid animal/environmental advocate.

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  • Love the coffee table with the storage space in under it…. I used to have one of these and they are really nice. Especially also when having a bite to eat or a drink the top comes up higher and is close to you to reach and is so nice.