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Tips on Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Five Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Photo Source: Canadian Home Trends, Five Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

As the weather gets warmer, the thought of spending time outdoors is enticing and an updated, engaging outdoor space is the perfect way to tempt even the homebodies of your bunch outdoors. An outdoor kitchen expands your living and entertaining area and is an economical alternative to meeting friends at restaurants and patios. The best outdoor kitchens are as functional as an indoor kitchen, complete with appliances, tables and chairs. Transcend the traditional BBQ with these tips on creating your own outdoor kitchen:


Choose the Right Materials

You want to choose materials that will stand up to extremes of weather and are suitable for exterior use. Durability is key, so consider materials such as stainless steel, stone and stucco. When it comes to flooring, choose a material that’s easy to clean, like tile.


Account for Extremes of Weather

Don’t let balmy days dissuade you from enjoying your kitchen, plan for a fan fixture. A vent hood is another good option in a covered patio where air circulation is limited. Also account for rainy days by including a partial roof, a pergola or even a large umbrella. Adjustable screen or sliding glass doors are also options to consider.


Conserve Space with Your Appliance Choices

Since you likely won’t have to store more than a meal’s worth of food in your outdoor kitchen, opt for a mini fridge or a grill instead of a full fridge/freezer or stove top. You’ll use less energy and conserve space while you’re at it.


Don’t Forget to Include a Water Source!

Unless, of course, you don’t mind washing the dishes with the garden hose.

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