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Tips for Staying Warm & Cozy this Winter

We wanted to keep things toasty this holiday season, so we’ve gathered our team and put together a quick list of tips to ensure that your home stays cozy throughout the coming winter months. We hope this quick list of tips helps you stay warm and comfortable over the chilly winter season.


WHEN SHOULD I TURN ON MY FURNACE? We suggest that you turn your furnace on when the weather starts to consistently sit at less than 18º C (64º F). In most provinces, we’ve found this to be around late October or early November. To combat the cool weather, we recommend that you set your thermostat to 20º C (68º F) for optimal comfort during the day. As for the nighttime, we suggest dropping the temperature to around 16º C (60º F). This will help you stay comfortable and save on electricity. Keeping your house toasty won’t just help you stay comfortable; doing this will also minimize the chance of frozen pipes (which can lead to expensive damage down the line). Feel free to reach out to one of our team members to confirm what type of water damage you’re covered for.

WHEN TO TURN ON THE HUMIDIFIER IN YOUR HOUSE? We realized that many of us struggle with dry air in the wintertime, a simple solution is using a humidifier. As a rule of thumb, we start using our humidifiers around the same time we turn on our furnaces in the late autumn.

HOW TO USE A FURNACE HUMIDIFIER? For the best results, we like to use our furnace humidifiers (also called whole-house humidifiers). These excellent tools help you humidify the air throughout your entire home, not just a select area. These humidifiers are either built into your furnace before installation or installed afterwards. Simply locate the humidistat on your appliance and set it to your preferred settings. In general, the lower the setting, the more humid your home will be.

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