Unfortunately, not all homes are blessed with lovely, big, right off the garage, mud rooms. BUT every house has an entrance and we all want to make them as efficient as possible.

In a lot of the homes I see, they are small foyers in which doors take up most of the room. It’s important to be able to get people in, outer clothing removed, and moved through into the bigger part of the house, quickly. But we still want PRETTY!

Boot trays are a necessary item in colder climates, but they are NOT PRETTY, however a simple trick can help them look less like the big salty wet messes they become. RIVER ROCKS, or pretty glass marbles, white sparkly garden stones, basically anything you can wash off after the season would work to give them more style. You can even place them in a bench with a lid that lifts and store boots inside and still have a space to sit while you get dressed to go.

To keep your small space even more streamlined, the addition of a coat rack with fold down hooks (like this one from Umbra) will give a place to hang a coat or umbrella even when you don’t have a closet.

With so many styles and colours to choose from and so many types of stones, corks, marbles etc. available, your “mud room” can have as much personality as you do!

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