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Tips to Consider when Choosing a Retirement Community

Finding the perfect place to retire to and enjoy your golden years can be a daunting task. The Cottages at Osoyoos is a popular choice for many retired and semi-retired couples. After talking to couples living in the community, here are some of the key things they were looking for in a retirement community.

1. Weather

Located on the shores of Canada’s warmest lake, it’s not surprising that weather was one of the top considerations for many homeowners. Osoyoos is located in one of the most unusual geographical regions of Canada and even boasts it’s own climate zone, the “Osoyoos Arid Biotic Zone”. The area has Canada’s lowest annual precipitation rate and the warmest annual temperature. As a result, this area offers beautiful summers and mild winters which lends itself to the relaxed, easy lifestyle most retirees desire.

2. Family-Friendly

For many retirees, a family-friendly environment is a must. Being able to have children and grand children over to visit, be it for a day or for a week, and having opportunities available that they will enjoy as well is a definite highlight. The Cottages is home to a wide variety of families, from newly married couples and young families to retirees, and as such, The Cottages offers a variety of opportunities suitable for many ages. Visiting family and friends will enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking, bicycling and a number of activities available in a diverse setting that is welcoming to all ages! This is especially important to retirees who wish to be able to entertain their families in their own home regularly!

3. Low Maintenance

Yard work and maintenance can become a nuisance as you age but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a nice yard either! The Cottages at Osoyoos offer 2,600 feet of wide walking trails, 1800 feet of pristine waterfront, private boat launches, a community center with a hot tub and swimming pools, and 39.8 acres of green space maintained for you so you can simply enjoy!

4. Access to Medical Care

Access to medical care is a growing concern as couples age. While they may not have need of care at the moment, retirees are aware that having quality medical care close at hand is likely to be a necessity in the near future. With the closest hospital just 15 minutes away, this is one of the things that older homeowners at The Cottages know they can count on when the need arises.

5. Local Opportunities

For many people, retiring doesn’t necessarily mean they stop working completely. Instead, retirement is about making time to enjoy things you love and invest your time in things that matter to you. This could mean a part time job you’re passionate about or a volunteer position at a local charity or organization that captures your heart, among other things. The perfect retirement spot allows you the option to be at home, relaxing and enjoying a slower pace while also keeping you close to work and volunteer opportunities that excite you. The Cottages, located just minutes from Oliver and Osoyoos, is the perfect example. Homeowners enjoy quiet, private, waterside living with easy access to all the opportunities the towns have to offer as well! Many of the older homeowners hold part-time positions at local businesses; helping out at a local fashion boutique, leading wine tours at a local winery, etc.

6. Active Lifestyle Opportunities

Of course, work and volunteering aren’t the only things to consider. Retirement should also be about having fun! Having a wide variety of social and recreational activities available is an important consideration. It is important to consider not just what is offered within the community, but in the surrounding areas as well. The Cottages offers a great deal of recreational opportunity right within the gates of the community but the surrounding communities also offer a wide variety of options including wine tours, live concerts, farmer’s markets, fine dining, golf courses, bicycle tours, skiing tips and many more cultural experiences.

7. Friendships & Community Spirit

One thing that many people fail to consider at first is the people you will be sharing your life with. When considering a condo, you may stop to thing about the neighbors in your building but the same consideration should be taken when choosing a community. In a gated community like The Cottages, the homeowners quickly become like family to each other. You may not share a home – but your daily activities through-out the community are constantly intertwined. These are likely to become some of your closest friends over the years. The homeowners at The Cottages, regardless of age or background, are warm and welcoming of new community members and friendships grow quickly. Before committing to a specific community, try to spend some time there to get a feel for the atmosphere and meet some of the other homeowners. You will quickly discover if this is a welcoming place and if you will feel at home here in the long run.

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