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5 Home Updates to Tackle Before Baby Comes

Converting a spare room into a stylish baby sanctuary is among the more obvious (and enjoyable) pre-baby home improvements on the minds of most expecting parents. However, did you know that there are other essential changes to be made throughout your home? Whether for health reasons, safety, or simply to make room for all of the extra stuff, your new bundle of joy is about to have a big impact on various rooms in your home.

Install a ceiling fan

Placing a fan in your baby’s room can significantly reduce the risk of SIDS. In fact, experts claim that it can reduce the risk by as much as 72%! Of course, the best place for a fan in a room frequented by children is the ceiling.

If you are unable to install your own ceiling fan, you can call an electrician or contact a local handyman service to perform the installation for you.

Upgrade your laundry room

The laundry room is about to become one of your home’s busiest spaces, so why not spruce it up before baby arrives? Invest in high-efficiency laundry pair (if you don’t already have one), improve the storage (to keep your laundry pods far, far out of reach) and add a countertop for easy folding and sorting.

Replace old windows

In addition to being hard on your home energy bill, old windows can let drafty air into a room. This is something you definitely don’t want with a brand new baby in the house. Worse than that, old windows tend to have moisture problems, either due to condensation or degrading seals, and moisture leads to mold (and the potential for more serious health concerns).

If you do have older, drafty windows, be sure to contact a local windows and doors specialist to have them replaced.

Reconsider your flooring

Your flooring is going to be very important in the next year or two as baby learns to roll over, crawl and walk. If you have all hard surface flooring, you’ll want to create some soft, safe zones, either with well-padded, washable area rugs or rubber mats.

If you already have wall-to-wall carpet you should have them professionally cleaned prior to baby’s arrival. He or she will be crawling around before you know it, so you’ll want to make sure that your carpeting is safe and sanitary.

Finish your basement

If you’ve ever thought that you might eventually finish your basement, now is a good time to get it done.  This may not seem like one of the more typical pre-baby home improvements; however, in a year or so when you’re stumbling over toys and excess baby gear, you’ll be very thankful for the extra space.

Make sure that your basement renovation is completed by a trained and reputable professional. A qualified professional will not only ensure that your finished basement looks great, but that everything is up to code. You should also ensure that your basement is waterproofed, well-insulated and fitted with egress windows for the safety and comfort of your new baby and everyone else in the home.

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