88680hThe holidays are a time of celebration and togetherness, but they can also be hard on us, both physically and mentally. To help keep stress to a minimum, chef Matt Basile of Toronto-based Fidel Gastro’s offers some tips on how to take the time and anxiety out of family-friendly menus that deliver on taste while still providing the nutrition our bodies need.

1. Eat nutrient-packed meals: Take the guilt out of indulging in festive treats at holiday celebrations by balancing your diet with meals high in protein and vitamins that can be prepared at home, such as chicken and veggies. To get the most out of your veggies, try steaming them to retain nutrients.

2. Meal kit marathon: Because hectic schedules are synonymous with the holidays, finding time at the beginning of the week to prepare some make-ahead meals will take the stress out of mid-week dinners. Pro tip: pre-portion your favourite recipes, then pop them in the Panasonic Steam Convection Oven for fast and healthy on-the-go meals.

3. Mix and match: Portion out your favourite lean protein with fresh produce or a hearty starch to keep the meal train going. Don’t be afraid to put unique spices and textures together, like fish and Chinese five spice, or steak and delicious curries. Be adventurous.

4. Maximize leftovers: Sometimes the second day is better. Look for unique ways to refresh last night’s dinner. Use mashed potatoes to create a savoury shepherd’s pie; bulk up a stew with glazed root veggies; or a fill turkey casserole with all the trimmings. The options are endless and make dinner planning easy.

Find more great tips and healthy recipes online at panasonic.com/ca/steam and join the online conversation using #GetHealthyFast.


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