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Take a Peek Inside This British Inspired Interior

As part of the Commonwealth, it’s not hard to see that Canadians have a soft spot for anything British. I have friends who say William & Kate put England on the map in the fashion and design world, but I am quick to point out that it was actually Harry Potter that kicked off the craze. Bus Roll Signs, Keep Calm posters and of course anything with a Union Jack are the obvious design choices for people who are looking to inject a little UK love into their spaces. However, with the overnight sensation, Downtown Abbey, British Design is really becoming a major player in the design scene. Why the appeal? British interiors, while they can appear to be formal in their appearance are actually very relaxed.  Text by: Meredith Heron of Meredith Heron Design, Photography by Asa Weinstein

British Inspired Home

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Contemporary spaces tend to be playful or very bold in their use of colour and pattern. Brits may be considered to be aloof and serious at times, but their interiors are often the opposite. Of course, some of the castle décor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but even still, the spaces often have a lived-in feel to them. It’s rather amazing considering the scale and grandeur of some of these rooms.


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