Time to get back into shape!

Spring is a time of new beginnings and life. Most of us have the desire to clean house and get everything in order for the spring, including ourselves!!!

That means getting our bodies back in shape after a long cold winter of hibernation.

It means baring skin and flesh in public, something most of us fear.

Well, now is the time to revamp your fitness regime and get into shape!

I recently worked on a project where we were contemplating two options for a large basement area of the new home.

Option #1: A home theatre.
Option #2: A home gym.

We decided on option #2 the gym, only because it seemed to promote a healthier lifestyle than option #1 – which promotes sitting around in a reclining theater chair eating popcorn! Not that that is a bad thing! But we had to make a choice.

Please enjoy the series of progress photographs that document the transformation from start to finish.


Home Gym

Home Gym

Home Gym

Home Gym

Home Gym

Home Gym

My favourite part of this gym is the fully integrated  Samsung LED flat screens that we have placed over each weight rack. Each screen is lined up perfectly with the two cardio machines so you can watch your favourite video or tv show while you work out….I love that! That is motivation right there!

A few advantages to having a home gym are:

  • No running to the gym before work or after work
  • No wasting time and gas to and from the gym
  • No worrying about “What to wear”at the gym
  • Convenience, you can work out early in the am or later in the evening
  • Saving on TIME the most precious commodity these days
  • Saving on money “No membership fees”
  • No line ups for machines or free weights
  • No large classes
  • You can shower in your own home
  • Hire a personal trainer once a week with all the savings!!!!

Hope this Blog has inspired you to work out and keep healthy!!!!
Healthy life = Happy life!

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