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Decorating Trends That Are In

Decorating trends that are in for 2020. Keeping up with trends can be a daunting task and Style Editor Jo Alcorn has put together trends to watch for this year. We know they are sure to be a hit!

Soft Curves

Curves are back in demand! When it comes to shapes, look for curves. They are a soft way to add interest to a space. We love this retro chic couch in Rose and Gold. An easy and trendy way to add a touch of glam to your space! – Wayfair,

Bold Patterns

Wallpaper is back in style! Textiles and wallpaper should feature geometric shapes or bold yet contemporary floral. Even something as simple as a fun or floral throw pillow against a neutral piece of furniture can update your look – Wayfair,

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Organic Details

Other trends to watch for are organic furniture and accessories as they are making a bigger presence in stores. Look for items made from natural materials. – Chair, Alcorn Home,; Tray, CB2,

Matte Black Appliances

Matte black appliances are all the rage. We think these ones by KitchenAid are stunning! This decorating trend is definitely in. – KitchenAid Distributor, Wiens Furniture,

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Your Questions Answered…

Is Gray going out of style in 2020?

Is gray going out of style? See ya later, stark whites and cool grays! Hello cozy colors! Gray is still sticking around, but more as an accent color and not the main feature.

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Are accent walls in style for 2020?

When it comes to accent walls being in style, follow your heart’s desire, chase the rainbow and all those other great terms that mean “Whatever You Want Babe!” Accent walls are still going strong and if you love it…keep it.

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