Trendsetters: Eric Veyt

When his grandparents passed away, Eric was left to care for their older home in Toronto. The 21 year old, in his 3rd year of university, had no sweet clue about the responsibilities of home ownership. His parents had demanding professional roles, so he received their unconditional support but no specific direction. It was up to Eric to make the best decisions for the home. 

Like most people, Eric struggled with who to approach first for help and direction, an architect, builder, designer or general contractor? What’s the difference between them? At that time, there was not a company like One York; a single resource for people to get transparent, unbiased support for home projects. 

Eric clearly remembers standing in the living room interviewing different contractors. At each meeting, he reviewed the “to-do” list he had meticulously prepared. After the contractor interviews, he felt exposed and anxious. Despite his best efforts, they had a distinct and considerable advantage in this arrangement. They knew what they were talking about and he did not. 

When Eric received estimates back, he was shocked. He thought he had been clear on what he wanted and expected a tight grouping of proposed costs from the bidding contractors. He was wrong. Eric got estimates that were all over the place, some twice or three times more than others. All estimates did share one thing in common though. There was only one number, the big number with a dollar sign attached. 

With One York, Eric wanted to change this. When you call the first thing they will do is landmark your project, including all the work done to date, to the corresponding phase in the One York process.

the corresponding phase in the One York process. You can start working with One York no matter what stage you are at. Whether you are just starting to consider a renovation, already have designs done or about to start construction; they are your resource to confidently move the project forward! 

One York provides clients the opportunity to ask questions in a nonjudgmental forum. They share carefully curated resources and experience to nurture a dialogue that yields informed, client-led decisions. Your home renovation is an investment you will have to live with. The choices you live with should be your own. – Eric Veyt, One York Construction Management, 

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