Trendsetters: Massimo Capra

BORN AND RAISED IN ITALY, CHEF MASSIMO CAPRA FIRST ENTERED THE CULINARY INDUSTRY AT JUST 15 YEARS OF AGE. His boss at the time, Michael Carleyale, had passion for food and wine that inspired Massimo to choose cooking as a lifelong career. After many years of working and training in Italy, Massimo moved to Canada in 1982. Since that time, Massimo has been behind many popular restaurants including the Rainbow Room, Boccone Trattoria Veloce, Boccone Pronto, Soprafino Restaurant and Capra’s Kitchen. He is also a published author, receiving the Gold Canadian Culinary Book Award for “3 Chefs: The kitchen men” in 2011. Massimo has appeared on many TV programs including the Marc & Mandy Show, CityLine, Restaurant Makeover and Chopped Canada. 

CANADIAN HOME TRENDS What is your signature dish? 

MASSIMO CAPRA One of the dishes I am proud of is “Red Beet Risotto” which is completely my creation and copied the world over. Other popular choices include Pappardelle with Rabbit Ragù, Wild Boar Agnolotti, Pistachio Crusted Swordfish and Mustard Crusted Black Cod. 

CHT Name the three kitchen tools you can’t do without? 

MC Mandoline, pasta sheeter and wooden spoons. 

CHT What chefs do you admire for their work and career? 

MC Daniel Boulud, Jose Andres and Italian Food Philosophy 

CHT What is your favorite food and beverage trend? 

MC I despise food trends, CATEGORICALLY! It reduces food and nutrition to a pedestrian, vapid, and superficial way of thinking. 

CHT What is one ingredient that you use in every dish (or almost every)? 

MC Onions, garlic and olive oil. 

CHT What is your go-to seasoning? 

MC The high quality food I use already has a lot of flavor. I seldom hide it with excessive spicing and powders. A touch of salt to balance and appropriate seasoning is all it takes. 

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