Wanting to spruce up your at home office but no clue where to start? Here are a few of our trendy must-haves you need to get for your at home office!

Chic Adjustable LED Desk Lamp

This adjustable desk lamp will instantly brighten up your office. With the 3-Color switch option and bright LED lights, you’ll have no problem being able to see your work even with all other lights off. A nice wood bottom matched with a metal top offers a modern, Scandinavian style in 4 gorgeous colors that makes it great for adults and kids! Both trendy and affordable, you’ll be so impressed that you’ll showing it off as soon as you get it!

Nordic Style Gold Storage Vases

Give a touch of elegance to your space with something as beautiful and affordable as these storage vases. With the modern touch of gold and a gorgeous hexagon shape, these are sure to spruce up your desk. You can use these for anything from paint brushes to pens to even fake flowers! They are great for storage, organization and the overall look of your office space. They work for people of all ages and can be used in many different organizational areas.

USB Electric Heating Coaster

Do you hate having to get up constantly to reheat your coffee? Do you find yourself drinking quickly while it’s still warm and not really getting to enjoy it? This electric coaster heater will make it so your drink doesn’t leave coffee stains on the desk and keep your drink hot to boot! They’ll make your office a little more fun with cool designs in 3 options that are perfect for anyone! Powered by any USB port, it is perfect to bring along with you on the go and plug it in to your computer USB port or a block charger in the wall! It’ll have you wondering how you ever got through a Monday morning without it!

Hidden Drawer Under Desk Organizer

Have something you want to keep hidden, even just your extra phone charger from the kids or the cat toys your cat somehow always gets into? With these adorable and simple hidden desk drawers, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. They are great for organization, a place to put your car keys or phone will working or even store your pens and pencils. They’re super easy to install and come in 4 different colors and 3 different styles, making it perfect for anywhere in the house!

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