The events of the past year and a half have had an impact on all areas of our lives and trends in design and lifestyles have been affected as well. Here are three emerging trends for condo living we expect will continue into 2022 and well beyond!

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Luxury Communal Space

Communal living isn’t a new concept and the idea may bring you back to college days in the dorm. In many urban areas, the need for affordable, space saving living arrangements that don’t sacrifice quality is leading to an emerging trend towards luxury communal living. Condo developments with shared luxury amenities such as state of the art gyms, pools, spas, 24 hour security, and communal outdoor spaces upgraded with quality furniture and outdoor condo flooring have become a standard in many Canadian cities. Some developers are now taking it a step further, offering luxury condos with all the amenities, high end finishes and elegant details condo owners expect – but without a kitchen! Instead, condo owners share a state-of-the-art communal kitchen and enjoy the services of a full time professional chef! Not only does this concept allow for luxury living on a smaller footprint, but it also offers added convenience for busy individuals!

Maximizing Outdoor Space In Condo Living

2020 had all of us spending more time at home then ever before. This was particularly challenging for condo owners living in smaller spaces without the benefit of their own backyard to give them a break from their own four walls. For many years, we’ve talked about making use of balconies and patios to create more living space but over the past year, this has become more important to condo owners than ever before. Balconies and patios have become a safe space to relax, get out of the house and escape into your own private oasis. Creating luxury living spaces with luxury outdoor balcony tiles, balcony planks, balcony grass, shade and enclosure options, high end furniture, vertical and container gardens, outdoor kitchens and gorgeous views allows condo owners an opportunity to “getaway” without actually leaving home! (Visit Condo Kandy for more ideas to maximize your outdoor living space with outdoor flooring!)

Work/Home Balance

The work-from-home trend is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Started out of necessity at the beginning of the pandemic, many companies and employees have discovered the convenience and benefits of a flexible work environment and the number of employees who work from home for all or part of their work week is growing constantly. For those who live in a condo or small space, especially if they do not live alone, working from home can come with its own complications including finding a quiet, productive place to work and finding a way to balance work and home life when they are so closely combined. Developers have noticed this trend as well and it is expected that we will see new developments tailored to this need with common spaces for work, videoconferencing rooms and other improved amenities to help condo owners work “from home” effectively while still enjoying their “home life”. For any condo owner, one solution is to create office space outdoors, turning their balcony into a seasonal home office. When turning a balcony space into a home office, you need to consider comfort and weather conditions. For comfort, start with balcony flooring, a small desk and a chair that offers plenty of support! To ensure your space is usable no matter what the weather, you will want to consider options for shade and weather protection including outdoor heaters, balcony enclosures and umbrellas or canopies.

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