We all enjoy our time at the cottage and relaxing in nature. However, the more rustic environment could mean your water may not be safe for drinking or cooking. Ensuring that your family has safe drinking water is extremely important and, depending on your location and water source, you may need a customized water treatment plan. At Water Depot we carry a full range of water treatment equipment, made to work alone or in tandem, to provide your family with the best water quality possible.

An Ultraviolet (UV) system is proven to be the best way to disinfect your water against water-borne
microorganisms and pathogens. The system uses a UV lamp to inactivate microorganisms, without the use of chemicals, drastically improving the quality of your water. Quite often, lake and well water will require pre-treatment to ensure that the water entering the UV is allowing the highest level of disinfection possible. Both lake and well water can have sediment, sand, and silt in it, which can affect the UV system. Placing a sediment pre filter ahead of the system will help capture these materials, allowing your UV system to work more effectively.

tannin filter removes the amber colour created by rotting leaves and other materials found in cottage water. Removing tannins, ahead of the UV system, helps the UV lamp work at its most efficient.  Iron-laden water, which leaves rust stains in your sink and toilet, and has an unpleasant taste and odor, is a common problem in cottage country. Water Depot’s septic bed-safe, Iron Slayer reduces the iron in your water, without the addition of any chemicals.

To get started with your customized water treatment plan, contact us today for your complimentary in-home water test. – The Water Depot, www.waterdepot.com

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