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Dress up your home with custom throw pillows using Plaster Paint and the unique Paint-A-Pillow stencil kit.

Project by Cindy Moyes As Seen On The Marc & Mandy Show


Material List

Paint-A-Pillow Kit which includes: stenciling frame (pat.pend.), reusable pillow stencil, 17” x 17” cotton pillow cover, pillow insert: linen/down alternative, Mini roller and 1/2″ stencil brush, paint tray and stirring stick, illustrated instructions, free mini stencil and practice fabric swatch Plaster Paint in the color of your choice


  1. Your Paint-A-Pillow kit comes with everything you need except paint. You can purchase fabric paint when you purchase your kit but we chose to use a beautiful color from Plaster Paint.
  2. The cardboard insert will help keep your pillow cover fl at while you paint. This is placed in the stenciling frame. Position the stencil over the frame, making sure the zipper is on the bottom of the frame where the stencil indicates. Use the metal tabs to secure the stencil in place so it doesn’t move while you paint.
  3. Use the mini roller to paint your stencil pattern. For best results, you want to apply paint with light to medium pressure. CINDY’S TIP: Make sure your roller is consistent with the paint. It’s very good to have a little piece of paper towel beside you. Once you’ve loaded your roller with the paint, give it a little roll on the paper towel and then start to roll your stencil.
  4. Using the 1/2″ stencil brush, fill in any missed corners of the stencil.
  5. When painting is finished, remove the stencil. You can leave the pillow in the frame to dry or gently remove it if you want to paint a second pillow right away. Do not remove the cardboard from the pillow cover until the paint has dried completely.
  6. If you want to be able to wash your pillow, follow the instructions in the kit to heat-set the paint. CINDY’S TIP: If you want to add something extra to your pillow, tassels, rhinestones and other embellishments are a great way to dress up your finished project.

Paint-A-Pillow is a fantastic product offered by Cutting Edge Stencils. The designs are also available from Cutting Edge Stencils as wall stencils, allowing you to dress up your walls and furniture to match your pillows!


Text by Marc Atiyolil

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