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What do you give a vegan for Easter?

What do you give a vegan for Easter?


What do you give a vegan for Easter? How do I plan a Vegan-friendly Easter? Unfortunately, mainstream holidays tend not to cater to those with dietary or lifestyle restrictions, vegans being one of those marginalized groups that the holidays traditionally don’t consider. For vegan families celebrating the Easter holidays animal and animal by-product free, we’ve rounded up some alternative ideas. 

Vegan-Friendly Easter Idea #1: Opt for EggNots

Made especially for kids with food allergies, EggNots are ceramic, egg-imitations that can be dyed and decorated just the same as a regular egg can. Also, they’re non-perishable, re-usable, and no animal products were used in the making of them. If you don’t want to splurge for this novelty egg replacement, plastic, wooden, or Styrofoam eggs could also work. 

Vegan-Friendly Easter Idea #2: Prepare a Vegan Menu 

Okay, so you won’t be having that notorious Easter ham but that doesn’t mean your meat-free meal won’t be delicious. Find some creative, animal and animal by-product free recipes here for your salads, sides, and entrees. If deserts are what you crave, find some scrumptious recipes here.

Vegan-Friendly Easter Idea #3: Shake Up Your Easter Egg Hunt 

Who says you have to use real eggs for your hunt – chances are, your little ones care less about what they find and more about the process of finding them. The thrill of the chase, right? Hide anything from toys to non-dairy chocolates, to stickers or the above-mentioned egg alternatives.  

Vegan-Friendly Easter Idea #4: Put Together Ethical Gift Baskets 

The PETA website is a great place to find animal-friendly ways to celebrate the Easter holidays, and there’s even a PETA Kids site that caters to your little ones. If you’re planning on throwing an Easter brunch or get together of some sort this April, send your guests home with a gift basket that has kind intentions towards animals. Some gift basket ideas include vegan lip balm, cruelty-free clothing, and accidentally vegan candy. Find more ideas here.


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