65068H(NC)—R-2000 is a voluntary standard administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and is delivered through a network of service organizations and professionals across Canada.

Houses built to the R-2000 Standard typically exceed the energy performance requirements of the current Canadian building codes and are recognized to meet a high standard of environmental responsibility.Key benefits of living in an R-2000 certified home:With R-2000, energy efficiency and construction details go hand in hand – you can’t get one without the other. Best of all, any new home of any design can be built to the R-2000 Standard.

Comfort: Improved indoor air quality, more consistent temperatures, fewer moisture problems and the use of environmentally responsible materials mean year-round comfort.

Health: The quality of the air we breathe can affect our health. R-2000 certified homes include clean air features that go beyond what regular building codes require.

Peace of mind: R-2000 certified homes go through a demanding certification process. Only trained and licensed builders can build them. Furthermore, every R-2000 certified home is subject to independent inspections and tests that conventional homes don’t receive. The R-2000 certificate is government backed and supported as your proof.

Energy savings: Want a house that stretches your heating dollars further? The secret? – energy efficiency that is “designed in”, and not “added on”. R-2000 homes are some of the most energy-efficient homes on the market, which translates into savings on energy bills.

State-of-the-art technology:  R-2000 certified homes are the result of 25 years of intensive research and development by the Government of Canada and its industry partners. Home buyers get tried and tested technology, a higher-quality new home and lasting value for the future.

Protecting the environment: With improved building techniques and materials, homeowners get the personal satisfaction of carrying out the duty to protect our environment for future generations.

More information can be found on the NRCan website at www.newhomes.nrcan.gc.ca

*R-2000 is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada


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