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It's not too late to stay warm this winter

65135H(NC)—With the majority of Canadian cities experiencing varying degrees of frost in December, heavy snowfalls, high winds and low temperatures can make it difficult for Canadians to keep their homes warm during the winter months. As the chill sets in, there are a number of ways that homeowners can trap in heat and keep out the cold weather, without breaking the bank.

“Properly insulating your attic is one simple way of keeping your home warm through the winter months,” says David Flood, insulation expert at Owens Corning.  “Topping up the existing insulation in your attic to meet the recommended standard can help save up to 28 per cent* on your monthly heating bills– so you don’t have to wait for the long-term to reap the benefits of both a warmer home and lower energy costs.”

With over seven million under-insulated attics in Canada, now is a great time to re-insulate your attic. If your attic insulation does not meet the recommended standard of R-50, it’s time to replenish your insulation.  In addition to helping cut energy costs, insulating your attic can help save a half ton** of greenhouse gas emissions annually, helping you reduce the energy consumption in your home.

Using PINK™ FIBERGLAS® insulation batts or PROPINK® Blown insulation to insulate your attic will ensure that warm air stays in your home instead of leaking out of gaps and holes.  By installing up to 15 inches of PINK™ FIBERGLAS® batt insulation or 18 ¾ inches of PROPINK® Blown insulation, you can make sure your attic is properly insulated to keep your home, warm this winter.

An adequately insulated attic can mean an increased cost savings, a more comfortable home for your family throughout the winter months and a way to decrease energy costs that can escalate when the cold sets in. And PINK™ insulation products are made from over 70*** per cent recycled content – so you’ll help lower energy costs.

Federal and provincial governments, as well as some energy utilities, offer funding for homeowners who complete energy-efficient renovations.

More information on grants and incentives can be found online at

Why wait? Stop hesitating and start insulation.  More information on how to insulate your attic is available at

*Savings vary depending on the original amount of insulation in your home, climate, house size, air leaks and personal energy use and living habits.

**Based on an average attic size of 1700 SF with existing R19 insulation, averaged over seven cities in Canada.

*** Over 70%* recycled content, based on the average recycled glass content in all Owens Corning fiberglass batts, rolls and unbonded loosefill insulation manufactured in Canada. The colour PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning ©2010 Owens Corning.  All Rights Reserved.

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