Do you have a favorite designer or piece of art that inspires you to renovate in your home? What is your favorite color? What kinds of mood do you want to create? These are important questions you should ask yourself when considering the color palate you want to use in your home. According to Gillian Rose, a New York City-based interior- color specialist, the study of color correlated with your personality is age-old. Based on the theories of the ancient Greek physician Galen who designated four personalities linked to bodily fluids: choleric (fire personality), phlegmatic (water personality), melancholic (earth personality), and sanguine (air personality). Louisville painters has put together the color personalities. Which one are you?


Fire personalities are charming, vivacious and passionate people. They don’t shy away from attention and tend to have strong emotions that allow their moods to shift quickly. Colors that draw a parallel to this personality are reds and oranges. Red is power and the combination of red and orange push forward in your vision. Their wavelengths are longer and draw attention. In the home of a fire personality you are surrounded with these warm colors, which generally aides to the tendency of being more outgoing.



Tranquil colors are linked to water personalities. This personality tends to remain calm and relaxing and the individual with it is generally an unfaltering, affectionate, and sympathetic person. People tend to feel at ease in a home that’s decorated similarly to a water based personality individual. Unlike those with a fire personality these wavelengths are seen for a shorter period of time because the colors are less stimulating. An interesting fact about the use of these cool colors, like blues and/or greens, is that they cause your adrenaline levels to drop. HGTV color expert David Bromstead advises this personality type to go with more whites, creams, blues, or pale shades of any color.














Grounded and solid thinkers are the words that come to mind when thinking of an individual with an earth personality. These people are honest and loyal but can be perceived as self-conscious or reserved. They like to be surrounded by deep blues, blacks, grays and browns, which represents spirituality, authority, and high aspirations. Debbie Zimmer, a color expert, points out that, “There’s a huge upside to choosing a deep blue for a kitchen or dining room. Studies show that you’ll eat significantly less in a blue room than in a red one.” While Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-William’s director of color marketing, says, “You can use so many colors with gray: soft peach, dusky pinks, and softer yellows.” The earth personality individual(s) has a lot of range with the hues that correlate with their taste.



The air personality person is most attracted to the color yellow, which conveys attention and warmth, and like a lot of sparkle/movement. These people are warmhearted, lively, and cheerful with a positive approach to life. The use of bright colors can give you an energy boost or rekindle happy memories. Rooms with vivid yellow undertones suggest an environment of warmth or excitement which is likely to be seen in an individual with an air personality’s home.


Caroline McCauley is a writer for CertaPro Painters of Louisville, which specializes in residential and commercial painting.

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