Many people make the decision to rent out their home with high hopes of easily finding a wonderful tenant in a short period of time. For a lucky few, this thought becomes a reality, but other property owners find that renting out a home takes a bit more effort. There are some things you can do to make the process of finding a tenant easier and to ensure you and the tenant both have a pleasant rental experience overall.

First, make sure the property is in pristine condition before showing it to any tenants. This may include putting a fresh coat of neutral paint on the walls, steam cleaning the carpets, and tending to yard maintenance, too. Some potential landlords have the desire to show a property and only do make-ready work that a tenant may request, but many renters have trouble envisioning what a property may look like once the make-ready process is complete. So it’s far more beneficial to you to delay showing the property to a potential tenant for a few days while you tend to these tasks on your own.

Once you have a potential tenant lined up, your next task is to work on getting that ever-important lease signed. You will want to do a credit history and rental history check on your potential tenant before signing a property over with a formal lease agreement. Also, in the lease agreement, make sure you specify issues such as when a pet deposit or security deposit may be forfeited, the requirement of the tenant to carry renters insurance from a company like, and other key issues that are important to you. These tips can help to ensure that you not only find a great tenant to lease your property but also that you and the tenant both have a pleasant renting experience, too.

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