Are you looking for the perfect design for your bedroom? There are countless options to choose from when trying to design the perfect getaway space after a long day. However, there are a few common mistakes that you want to avoid when trying to create the perfect atmosphere for sleep. The following are 15 common bedroom design mistakes that you want to avoid when designing your bedroom.

  1. A lack of privacy. Privacy should be your number one concern when designing your bedroom. Everything about your oasis should be centered on maintain privacy. One of biggest mistakes that people create is forgetting about privacy.
  2. Choosing the wrong color. The bedroom is a place for calm and relaxation. Don’t make the mistake of taking this away from your space by choosing the wrong color. Choose soothing, relaxing colors that will promote relaxation as opposed to bright colors.
  3. Unbalanced furniture placement. Another common mistake is having an unbalanced furniture placement. The furniture should be placed strategically throughout the room. Don’t overload one side of the room with furniture.
  4. Insufficient lighting. Lighting is important in setting the mood. Ensure that you have lighting for all occasions. Whether you are reading a book or enjoying alone time with your significant other, be sure that the lighting is sufficient.
  5. Forgetting about the window treatments. Many people design a room and simply forget about the window treatments. This can leave your room feeling incomplete. Be sure to include some type of window treatment to help complete the look.
  6. Not enough storage. Storage space is essential to any room. Don’t make the mistake of not including enough storage space to put away your things. You don’t want them lying around your beautiful new bedroom. Tuck them away in the proper way.
  7. Going for style over comfort. Comfort is the key in the bedroom. Ensure that the furniture, bedding, and other things you choose for your space are both beautiful and comfortable. After all, you will have to sleep in the space for years to come.
  8. Too many pillows! Another mistake is having too many pillows on the bed. While pillow can be beautiful addition to your space, they can also make it feel over crowded or cluttered. Avoid having too many pillows.
  9. Oversized furniture. The furniture that you choose for your room must fit the scale of the room. Oversized furniture will make it feel small and closed in.
  10. What’s your focal point? Another common mistake is making the television the focal point of the room. Where does your eye go as you walk into the room? Hopefully it is to a beautiful bed instead of a television.
  11. Exposed cables. Be sure to hide all those wires coming from lamps, televisions, and other electrically powered things in the room.
  12. Incorporating large exercise equipment. You bedroom is not a gym! Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of adding large exercise equipment in their sleeping space. Put it where it belongs!
  13. Too many family photos. Tons of family photos can make your room seem cluttered and could potentially affect your quality of sleep. Trade in family photos for nice art work. Remember that when decorating your space, less is always more. This is especially true in your bedroom.
  14. Mixed styles. Be aware of the mistake of mixing your styles. Choose a theme or style and go with it. Don’t mix styles such as modern and traditional. This can give your room an unorganized look.
  15. Going with “trends.” While trends may look good for a while, they won’t last long. You will find yourself redecorating within the near future. Choose to go with classic pieces in an effort to save money and time redecorating in the future.

If you are looking for the perfect bedroom design, use the common mistakes listed above to help you know what things you should avoid. Designing the perfect space doesn’t have to be hard. Knowing what NOT to do, can put you on the track to designing a successful space. What will your new bedroom look like? Will you avoid the common mistakes listed above?


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