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When The Light Is Right, Your Bedroom Will Shine

Lighting can be one of the most important aspects of any room. Whereas drab overhead lights can make your bedchamber feel more like an interrogation room, other options can lend a sense of warmth and comfort. When it comes to lighting, the options are virtually limitless. Although tabletop lamps certainly serve their purpose, nowadays there are countless choices in terms of ceiling and wall lighting. Using these types of lights is not only a unique way to light your bedroom, it can free up valuable surface area on dressers and bedside tables.

Chandeliers are a variant of ceiling lights which have been around for centuries. Even prior to the invention of the light bulb, chandeliers were outfitted with candles and designed in an infinite variety of sizes and ornate details. If your goal is to add a classy touch to your bedroom, chandeliers should definitely be near the top of your list, since these intricate pieces naturally create an air of elegance and sophistication. These fixtures come in many forms and sizes. The ones that typically come to mind first are those fitted with sparkling crystals which hang from the lights. However, keep in mind that chandeliers do not have to be that fancy. Many consist of simply two or three lights, often perched on curved or decorative arms made of brass, pewter, copper, or a number of other materials. If you are striving for a rustic look, you could always go with the deer antler chandeliers which seem to be ubiquitous in ski lodges and mountain cabins. Although there is a vast array of chandelier types, the key is determining the overall theme of your room first, then browsing for fixtures.

Another type of ceiling light which really blows away the traditional overhead lights is what is known as track lighting. These fixtures consist of a group of lights attached to a single bar, or “track,” and are usually operated by a single switch. Although they sound simple, track lights can be personalized in a number of ways. Many people opt for the standard canister-shaped bulb cover. The angle of these can usually be adjusted individually to direct light in varying areas. These covers seem to mimic the feel of a contemporary New York art studio. Like lamp shades, there are thousands of covers to choose from. One popular variation of track lights are the smaller LED bulbs which are quite often used uncovered. These lights are much softer on the eyes and create a futuristic look for any bedroom. The track itself can either be straight, curved, or in any combination of angles.

Of course, lighting options are not restricted to the ceiling. Wall sconces are another popular fixture which can be assembled in infinite ways to create a custom look in your bedroom. The styles of these lights can range from modernistic to old-world classical. Some bulb covers are painted with a special tint in order to produce colored light. These can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire to create a vivid lighting system in your room.

Always remember that your room’s design should make you comfortable and reflect your personal style. Try using a combination of different lighting schemes. The best design is the one which makes you the happiest.


This is a guest article by Jürgen Heidenreich, who owns a German website about sofas. His website shows helpful information on most types of sofas, which include XXL sofas and corner sofas (called Megasofa and Ecksofa in German).

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