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  1. Our furniture is very outdated. We sure could use a re-do In our living room. The curtains that are hanging are still the ones that came with the house when we bought it 9 years ago.

  2. Wow, this would be an amazing win. Would make for an amazing room. I have just done my kitchen and have been toying with some idea’s for the living room/dining room but just don’t have the budget required. Hope I win…. thanks!!

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK ME!! Just bought a house and is in desperate need of living room furniture….since I have none…. 🙁

  4. My living room is very very dark & dreary. What little furniture I have is all I could afford from a second hand store. Its very retro, with peach colored flowers all over it and a few springs sag. It totally needs a do-over.

  5. good luck to all entrants who couldn’t use some new furniture
    (glares at the flat cushions on her pathetic couch)

  6. My couch is looking worn out, my garage sale finds do not match. I would love a new look. Please pick me.

  7. everyone “needs” this but I hope it goes to someone who truly DOES need it. not a middle class woman in her 40’s who is well of and owns a house and is just greedy for a “makeover.” how about a single mother with children who is working her butt off to provide for her loved ones and lives a life of sacrifice. who just cant get ahead in life. and no, that is not me. im just tired of seeing winners chosen who are already “well off” when I happen to know amazing wonderful people who give even though they have nothing and truly deserve to “win” sometimes in life.

  8. maybe ill go take a photo of someone struggling in poverty in our city of wealth and take a photo of their barren living room and send that in on their behalf! to show what a “makeover” they need. how “outdated” their “furniture” is! 🙂

  9. I remember when I was living in poverty I read home décor magazines and dreamt of the day when my hard work would pay off and id be able to “design” and make a home. people in poverty have great taste and know design as well as anyone else.

  10. The winner is picked at random – we have no control over who the winner will be, what their income may be, etc. Of course, it is always nice when we hear back from a contest winner and realize that the prize was able to fill a real need!

  11. Would be great to win as I’m badly in need of a makeover for my home! Thanks for the contest!

  12. I love Home Trends magazine for the style, ideas and sources it offers its readers. Anyone who wins will have a comfortable, quality, time lasting space to enjoy for the Holiday Season and to start 2014!

    Good luck to all.

  13. Great Prize and gorgeous too. Problem with the entries though – the twitter daily entry records the added entries and then by the next day, they are always deleted. Does anyone know how to solve that problem?

  14. In our back office, it is recording multiple entries for each day you tweet so you aren’t losing entries. Our web team is going to look into it as see why it would be displaying incorrectly.

  15. To win this $10,000 Room Giveaway Prize would be the best thing to happen to our family. We have always had hand me down furniture and would love to have something new in our home. Not that we are ungrateful for the hand me downs just would love the feeling of new and so my son is proud to bring his friends over and my husband and I to be proud of our home :0) I am sure there is someone out there that deserve it more then us however, would still love to win.

  16. This would be such an amazing gift!! I have so much to fix in my house, kitchen, dining, living room and bonus room all need remodeling!!

  17. Wow, this would be amazing. We have a nice sectional but it was bought in 1982 or there about, I have the receipt still. It was passed down to me from my mum. We use an old dresser to put our TV on top of and an old table for our stereo. We’ve never managed to buy anything new, it’s all hand me downs. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining I’m sure we are in a better place than some. It would just be so amazing to be able to do what winning this contest would allow us to!

  18. My furniture is terrible. I got it all handed down to me, but they are completely falling apart. Winning this would be an answer to a prayer!

  19. I keep tweeting and rafflecopter keeps taking away my tweet points. 20 tweets and -2 points still. Anyone else have that glitch?

  20. Our living room furniture and accessories are over 20 years old – could DEFINITELY use some new things!!!!

  21. This is the first time buying your magazine, I love black and white and seeing it in the magazine I love it even more, we have been without furniture for a number of years couch, chairs, kitchern table and chairs….it is hard to believe but we can adapt to our situation…doesn,t bother me but it has had an effect on the girls, anyway just part of the millions of people out there wanting a home to walk into when the door is opened and it really looks like a home….thank you I do hope the winner is in need of this, even it is not me, a real change of life for them…a better change for their home and family..good luck

  22. Our house would desperately need this. Believe it or not we still have green couches from the 1970’s!!! So outdated !!! Would love to win this!

  23. buying my first house from a great uncle. Really needs a cool, modern look. Here’s hoping for my 21st on Nov. 2nd! that I am a winner!

  24. This is a beautiful classy package that anyone would be excited to win.Thank you for offering this great prize.

  25. For the last four years, I’ve worked only pt while raising my son. We bought an older house with space and a yard. Previous owners tried to do some cosmetic updates that are really dreary and poorly done. Would live to have a bright and fresh look for my family!

  26. I would really love to win this great contest. I love and get inspired to re-decorate but unfortunately life gets in the way of financing this desperately needed living room makeover. In the meantime, I will just dream about my new living room and how I and my family and friends will enjoy it.

  27. this would be so amazing to win!! we moved into our first house a couple months ago and we only have one couch (which my cat peed on) in the living room because we cannot afford any furniture

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