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Some of our top design contributors share their must-haves in a bathroom design.

Light Drizzle: A rain shower head is a must for a new bathroom! These are generally larger shower heads hung or installed overhead that mimic the feeling of showering in the rain; a very luxurious and relaxing experience after a long day. – Glen Peloso,

Tucked Away: I love adding an outlet under the sink or in a vanity drawer. It creates a great spot for charging an electric tooth brush or an extra plug for hair tools! – Kendall Ansell,

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Warm & Cozy: Every bathroom should have a towel warmer! Nothing feels nicer than getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a warm towel. I also use mine for drying small and more delicate items that I don’t want to put in the dryer. – Negar Reihani,

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Close Up: When I am renovating a bathroom or planning a new build, I like to include an electrical outlet for a magnifying mirror! It’s a great feature to have; no more bending over the sink to put on makeup! – Jacklynn Little,

Drawing Conclusions: When choosing a vanity, be sure to consider one with lots of drawers. Ensuites are especially notorious for lacking storage as most will choose pieces based on aesthetic and forgo function. – Gabriele Pizzale,

Fit for a King: When it comes to a bathroom, splurge on the best toilet you can afford! I particularly love the Veil Intelligent wall-hung toilet from Kohler as it has all the bells and whistles. This model features a bidet, dryer, seat warmer and best of all, automatic flushing. – Christine Da Costa,

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Spa Amenities: If you’re building a new home or have the space available in a bathroom renovation, make sure to designate a special spot for a beautiful soaker tub. Not only will it become a strong focal point in the room but it will also be the place that you yearn for after a long workday or commute. – Kim Bartley,

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Ambience: Never underestimate the power of great lighting. For everyday use and makeup application, ample light will be required. Adding a dimmer on these same lights gives you the ability to dim them if you are taking a bath. Having the ability to control the amount of light in a bathroom is priceless. – Yvonne Whelan,

Finishing Touches: Luxe details and plush textures are a must in a bathroom. I love to outfit every bathroom with beautiful, woven towels and thick cotton or linen robes. These finishing touches will give your bathroom a spa-like feel. – Lisa Stevens,

Reflection Spotlight: I love adding a Robern Bryn Mawr framed cabinet in a bathroom. These are installed flush to look like sexy mirrors and come in many different metals. They offer lots of interior lighting, electrical outlets, and storage.- Jamie Banfield,

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Beautifully Organized: Bathrooms should have a tray to contain all your necessities. It keeps things neat and visually appealing rather than having it strewn all over your counter. – Evelyn Eshun,

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It’s In The Details: Every bathroom needs a thoughtfully placed robe hook no further than a foot away from the edge of the shower/tub and high enough off the ground that the towel clears the floor when hung on the hook. This way there’s always a spot to place your towel before bathing and a perfectly accessible opportunity to grab it when you most need it. – Becky Freeman,

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Lighting Factor: Nothing creates wow-factor in a bathroom like fantastic light fixtures. There are so many beautiful light fixture options! I love to use lighting that doesn’t look like it belongs in a bathroom. Go for decorative sconces or hanging pendants. Just make sure to select something with a glass shade as paper or fabric ones won’t stand up to humidity. – Laura Stein,

Matte Black: Small bathrooms only offer a few opportunities for decorative flair and I love including a statement faucet for maximum impact. I love the new American Standard Studio S collection available at Bartle & Gibson in a variety of styles with a fabulous matte black finish! – Marc Atiyolil,



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