The cost of renovating a condo bathroom is on average 30% more than a house due to restrictions provided by the condo rules and existing building design.

Condo Bathroom Renovation Budget
Photography by Larry Arnal

Follow these simple tips to save money on your reno project:

BIG STYLE, SMALL BUDGET: Create a chic look by installing a cost-efficient porcelain tile. Accent the porcelain with small amounts of a more expensive tile, such as a glass or marble mosaic.

FOOLED BY GOOD LOOKS: Choose a Thermofoil finish on your vanity. With the many finishes available it will look the same (or very similar) for a fraction of the price of real wood or a painted finish.

HOLE IN ONE: Faucets come in a 4” spread, 8” spread or single hole. For most bathrooms, a single hole chrome faucet is the perfect way to create a fresh new look.

Condo Bathroom Renovation Budget
Photography By Larry Arnal

Average Cost Of Bathroom Renovation In Canada

Based on a 5 ft. x 10 ft. bathroom in a house (condominium renovations cost approximately 30% more), it will cost $10k – $16k for design, planning, supply, and installation. Below are some general points to consider when planning your renovation.

Demolition and Removal of all items within the space including drywall can be “free” if you do it yourself. Before demolishing walls, be sure that you are aware of any harmful materials within the walls such as asbestos. Asbestos was used as an inexpensive fire-retardant material, thermal and acoustic insulator in homes from the early 1940s to mid 1970s. (Never handle asbestos, leave it to the professionals!) Don’t forget to consider that there is a cost for dumping materials. The easiest way to get rid of waste is to rent a container. The average bathroom will require a 10 cubic yard container which is about 12 feet by 8 feet and costs on average $400 (maximum weight of 3,000 lbs). To have a professional demolish and remove the waste, it will cost an average of $1,500.

Electrical and Plumbing: These sub-trades are expensive and generally charge around $65 to $100 per hour (average cost can be about $4,000 to supply, upgrade and install the provided materials). The type and amount of fixtures required will vary your cost. Pot lights will cost about $250 each to supply and install.

Drywall and Cement Board: For bathroom renovations, it is imperative that you install a product such as Durock as an added moisture barrier in the areas where water will be in contact with tiles. Average cost for materials and labor should be around $1,500.

Tile: When working in a small space, you can certainly save money on tile by finding it in the clearance area for as little as $1 per sq. ft. with an average of $5 per sq. ft. for most good looking porcelain. Marble mosaics cost between $10 to $30 per square foot and sometimes more. Installation costs will vary from $3 to $15 per sq. ft. depending on the type of tile and the detail in the tile pattern.

Your Vanity will house your sink, faucet and stored items. It will determine the style of your bathroom. Custom vanities, whether painted or wood, will cost you at least $2,000 without installation. COST SAVING TIP To save money consider a standard sized box (available in 6” increments from 18” and up) with upgraded doors. This will cost you between $800 and $1,500 including installation.

Stone is standard these days for the majority of projects. Quartz, marble and granite will range from $50 to $120 per sq. ft. for the material and installation.

General Labor: There are miscellaneous costs such as painting and general labor involved in a bathroom renovation. Set aside approximately $1,500 for those expenses and, of course, keep in mind that proper planning will save you money in the long run.

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  • Good job for breaking the cost down. A bathroom renovation will cost around 30k. But you still have an option whether to DIY your renovation, and it depends on the items you will incorporate in your project. Be wise with your choice and have fun renovating!

  • Thanks for the very informative and eye-opening post about renovation costs. Im surprised to hear condos usually cost 30% more to renovate over usual homes! Makes my renovation bill feel a bit smaller 😛 I managed to keep tile costs down due to using a clearance line of tiles but the installation cost was still hefty!

  • As a tiling professional I can confirm a lot of your information is correct! I appreciate you sharing such valuable information with your readers as it will help them making informed decisions when they renovate their bathrooms. Like your tiling tips, I also encourage people to try find cheaper tiles as a lot of the time, the cheap or on sale tiles are just as good quality as the premium priced tiles.

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  • Last year I renovated my bathroom. I also used thermofoil. It really looks great and costs so much less!

  • Bathroom renovation can take a lot of time if everything is not considered at the start of the process. We started the process and the tiles were delayed so it all took more than a month till completion.

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