Designers across the country share their favorite bathroom design ideas.

Never underestimate the importance of selecting the right faucet for your bathroom. A simple clean lined faucet like this one from Delta makes a great impression in this small space. – Jo Alcorn,

When selecting tile for your spa-inspired ensuite, consider using honed porcelain tiles. Polished tile is slippery when wet and isn’t ideal for flooring. A honed tile allows you to use the same material continuously on the floors and walls and makes the space feel larger. – Jas Rai,

Keep your counters clean and beautiful by ensuring you have adequate storage. We achieved that in this ensuite by building vertical storage opposite the vanity. By taking advantage of the high ceilings we were able to create full height floating cabinets that hold everything from aspirin to extra towels. – Trish Knight,, Photo by Janis Nicolay

You can use furniture legs to make your vanities look more interesting. In this project we have used coffee table legs for the double-drawer vanity to create a sleek and modern look – Negar Reihani,

A mural with custom glass creates a beautiful statement. Not only does the glass protect the mural, it makes for easy cleaning. For a spa feel, choose a tub with air jets for added enjoyment, that doubles for laundering delicates. – Sandra Nash,, Photo by Elise Morton, Lensational

Warm woods like this walnut vanity go a long way in warming up an otherwise stark black and white color scheme. – Shirley Meisels,, Photo by Stephani Buchman

Mount wall lights over your sinks directly on the mirror help highlight the bathroom fixtures. The lighting seems to float within a larger mirror that can run right to the ceiling, making the room appear larger. Add a tall 10”- 12” backsplash behind your vanity using the countertop material. Simple sheet mirror can be installed at the top of this countertop for a seamless, contemporary look, and the higher backsplash keeps the mirror free of water splash. – Jillian Straky,

In a cottage powder room, mixing found objects offers unexpected texture and personality. Here, a piece of spalted wood found in a farmer’s field was made useful as a wall hung vanity. – Lisa Stevens,, Photo by Brandon Barré Photography

When designing this master bathroom, cohesion was key and a continuation of clean modern living was essential. Layering is crucial to completing a polished, finished space. The use of stone, glass and metal are a few of our favorite fundamental elements. – Candice Brown,, Photo by Valerie Wilcox

This bathroom is timeless with its classic lines and neutral finishes. The his and hers vanity’s symmetrical design offers plenty of storage that is much needed in an ensuite. Whether one chooses to soak in the luxurious freestanding tub, or step into the spa-like walk-in shower, this ensuite is sure to be a homeowner’s dream bathroom. – Shawn Jones,, Photo by Jillian Martin

Keep all your solid finishes in neutral colors like white, gray, cream, taupe and paint the walls a dramatic color. If you’re going to paint one or two rooms dark why not the bathrooms? It will make it feel cozy. – Jacklynn Little,

In this fresh, elegant, spa-like bathroom, well-planned storage is key. Consider what must-have items you usually store and what other items you would use the storage for. His and hers medicine cabinets, a combination of drawers for smaller items, cabinets for bulkier, larger items and a niche in the shower help keep the bathroom clean and organized. We also added heated floors for a luxurious and unseen element that has big impact, especially during the winter months. – Darlene Janeiro,

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