Christmas is in the air and so is the scent of fresh evergreen. Welcome the season into your home with some of these unique tree trends bound to take your decorating game to the next level. 


Upside Down 

This trend may be inadvertently inspired by Stranger Things or perhaps it’s simply an idea gone awry, but this year has been all about the upside down Christmas Tree, appearing at hotels and retailers across the nation. 

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On the saner side of things, the Christmas tree trend forecast (if there is one) calls for nature inspired decor – DIY-style, of course.

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Team Canada 

‘Tis the season … to celebrate our country? Consider decorating your tree proudly this holiday season, stealing the color scheme right off of the Canadian flag. 

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All White 

Okay, an all white Christmas tree is hardly a new trend and falls more into the “traditional” category rather than the “trendy” one. Opt to update the classic white Christmas look with touches of metallic, such as brushed bronze, silver, or gold, for a glam, trend-forward aesthetic, chock-full of wow factor. 

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All Light 

No room for a Christmas tree this year? Why not utilize your string lights and flex your creative haunches while you’re at it. 

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For five more unique applications for your Christmas lights, check out our article, Creative Ways to Display Your Christmas Lights. 



If you’re celebrating the holidays in a minimalistic fashion this year, a mini tree might be the perfect fit, figuratively and literally. 

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For four more minute mini-tree ideas, check out our article, Miniature Christmas Tree Ideas.


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