Creative Ideas for a Non-basic Thanksgiving Dinner

The formula for a successful Thanksgiving dinner is tried and true, but it’s definitely not set in stone. Keep reading for five contemporary ideas that still manage to capture the spirit of the holiday.  


Make it a Cocktail Affair 

For a truly crowd-pleading Thanksgiving, why not skip the heavy meal and focus instead on the after-dinner cocktails. There are plenty of ways to get creative and show off your hostess chops with Thanksgiving and fall-themes drinks. For instructions on how to make a few, check out our article, Yummy Thanksgiving Cocktails.


Hold a Recipe Contest 

Let’s face it, preparing an entire Thanksgiving meal is a lot to ask of one person, so why not distribute the responsibilities? Instead, propose a light-hearted contest and have everyone prepare and bring one dish to enter. Don’t forget the prizes!  


Give Back 

Getting involved in some sort of charity effort around the holidays is definitely not a new idea, but it’s certainly a good one, and it can take on many forms. Offer to cook a meal for elderly people in your apartment building, shovel snow for your neighbors, hand out care packages to homeless individuals in your community – the opportunities to give back are more abundant than you might think. 


Go Vegan 

Veganism is not just the country’s latest fad, it’s a globally conscious, alternative, increasingly compelling way to live your life. For tips on how to make your Thanksgiving a vegan-friendly one, you might like our article, Tips for Having a Vegan-friendly Thanksgiving.


Go Green 

Thanksgiving is a holiday notorious for waste, be in food, plastic, paper, or emission form. Going green this Thanksgiving is a great way to ensure that showing your thanks transcends well past your front door. For tips on how to make your Thanksgiving greener, you might like our article, Tips for Having a Green Thanksgiving.

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