Are you the hosting a holiday soirée or two this year? Keep reading for four fabulous DIY-able ideas to upgrade your holiday tablescape and impress your guests. 


A Homemade Candle (or four) 

Your holiday tabletop decor should, of course, look nice, and it should also smell nice too! And arrangement of homemade candles can make for a beautiful and ambient centerpieces, which you can utilize well after the holidays have commenced. TIP Scented candles aren’t recommended during a meal as they can alter the taste of your food. If your event includes a seated dinner, swap out the scented candles with scentless ones before dinner and then replace with scented candles once again after dinner for a pleasing aroma through-out the evening. 

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Visit Francois & Moi for full instructions on how to DIY these Essential Oil Holiday Candles. 

For four more holiday-themed homemade candle ideas, check out our article, DIY Holiday Candle Ideas.


Pretty Placeholder Cards 

By now you’ll know we’re a big fan of wreaths, no matter the season. Mini wreaths are amongst my favorites in the wreath game, just because … well, they’re so darn cute! If these mini wreath placeholder cards tickle your fancy, find the DIY below. 

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Visit Camille Styles for full instructions on how to DIY these Rosemary Wreath Place Cards. 


Uniquely Folded Napkins 

If you’re looking for a subtle way to impress your guests without crowding the dinner table too much, consider what’s already going to be on it and work with that. For instance, we love this DIY napkin idea, using upcycled earrings. Or, if you boast superior origami skills, why not get creative with your napkins themselves.  

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Visit Marc and Mandy for full instructions on how to recreate a Tree or Tuxedo Fold.

For five more creative ways to fold a napkin, check out our article, Unique Napkin Folding Ideas for Your Holiday Table. (LINK-article not published yet) 


Thematic Tableware 

I’ve written about Sharpie mugs in years past, and admittedly, I’m a big fan of this deceivingly simply idea. This DIY-er uses the technique to upgrade her dollar store dishware … she had me at “dollar store.” 

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Visit Down Home Inspiration for full instructions on how to DIY this $1 Christmas Plate. 

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